Global Roots apply the original ethos of Thris Tian‘s musical selections to projects – considering creative processes, the mix, internationalism, context and identity forging a multi-platform curatorial flavour.

Thris Tian has carved out a worldwide reputation amongst music lovers and producers as a champion of a broad and eclectic range of local genres. Known as one of the original architects of Boiler Room with (then, Platform Magazine’s) Blaise Belville and (now, NTS Radio‘s) Femi Adeyemi, Thris Tian co-established the concept of Boiler Room as a broadcasting space for underground parties, taking the scene online, while keeping the essence underground and opening up to a new international audience.

Thris Tian’s NTS show “Dark and Lovely Global Roots” ran simultaneously with the ascent of Boiler Room and gave Thris Tian the opportunity to use the show as a means to explore and uncover new music, feeding into programming ideas. Inadvertently the radio show grew into a music brand and branched out into a number of activities including club nights and festival stages across the world.

After five years at Boiler Room, Thris Tian started to explore more of the world as a DJ while founding Worldwide FM with long time mentor Gilles Peterson and working on Channel 4‘s new music programme “Four to the Floor” as music consultant and presenter with UK production company Lemonade Money.

Now, developing the next phase for Global Roots, Thris Tian has expanded the team to include A&R Anna Jaskiewicz, Producer Antonia Halse, WWFM Show Producers Erica McKoy & Anja Warmington.